Live Costa Blanca Weather
About the station

Live Costa Blanca is a privately owned and funded weather station. The cost of running and maintaining a station can be quite considerable
at times and has been funded solely by the owners for the last 5 years. If you find the information interesting or beneficial please consider
donating to help us with the running costs (internet, website, computer hardware etc) and maintenance / repair of the station itself in order
to keep the service up and running. Donations can be one off or monthly support by way of a membership.

You can make a much appreciated donation or become a member here

Live Costa Blanca Weather is a private weather station situated at an altitude of 565m, in Pinoso, near Alicante, on Spain's sunny Costa Blanca. It started as a hobby, for our own entertainment, with a Fine Offset station which we upgraded to a state of the art Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Plus

The station's sensors record:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • wind speed and direction
  • rainfall
  • solar radiation
  • UV index

  • The data is collected, stored and uploaded via Cumulus software and uploaded live every 15 seconds.

    The gauges on the main page are live actual readings. From the Live Weather page, past data, record highs and lows and a variety of other data collected by our station can be accessed.

    There is a dedicated page where you can track the International Space Station, view a live video of the earth and find out where and when it can be seen.

    Solar and UV Information. The main purpose of the solar radiation gauge, is to record bright sunshine hours, determined by reaching a percentage of the theoretical maximum possible at any particular time. It is possible to record above the theoretical maximum, due to cloud effect (reflection). If the yellow led is on, the sun is shining. The same applies with UV (which has nothing to to with temperature), the daily forecasts are for clear skies and again, cloud effect (reflection) can give higher UV levels than predicted.

    Current system status and information

    We hope you find the site interesting and informative. If you would like to contact us, please message us via our Facebook page Send us a message